my story



I was born in the North West of Ireland, in a land where majestic mountains rise to meet dramatic and beautiful skies. Where the Atlantic ocean shapes the coastline and deep lakes hold secrets.

It was here as a child I used every means at hand to capture the wonders surrounding me, chalk on stone, paint, pencil on any available surface - twigs, leaves and pebbles moulded into fantastical creations.

My dreams were big and soon carried me off on new adventures.  


Having studied in London and Belfast with time spent in Dublin I now live and work in Sydney, Australia.  

Here I've found new inspiration in the light and nature of this vast continent - the strength, variation and scale of the Australian landscape fascinates. The contasting ways of living in our cities and bush are as dramatic as they are challenging.

Whilst I sometimes use observational drawing to capture a thought or collect a scene I explore from there and express my final artwork in an abstract manner. Utilising a variety of mediums - whatever fits the piece and conveys the idea.

Thank you for visting this website and I hope you enjoy the works.



I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way - things I had no words for
— Georgia O'Keeffe